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Visit Kirtipur: a town rich in history, nature and culture that’s only 30 minutes from Kathmandu and offers an insight into the real Nepal.

Traditional Newari architecture is nestled between colourful new buildings. The quiet paved laneways hint at a different time, while the restaurants are buzzing with young people. Crops dry in the streets. Locals visit the temples to offer blessings. Festivals that have been practised for centuries carry on.

Visit Kirtipur: where Nepal’s history comes to life.

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A pillar is draped in a faded red cloth with Bagh Bhairab Temple in the background

Find the top places to visit in Kirtipur to experience Newari culture, delicious food, unique temples and family fun.

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Steep rocky cliffs covered in bushes rise up from the waters of the Bagmati River in ChobharHead to Kirtipur to take in stunning views, explore caves or do a day hike to Champa Devi Hill.

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A dancer wearing a red mask waves a flag as musicians play flutes and drums behindPlan your visit around one of the local festivals or annual events and join the celebrations, music and dancing.

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Plan your visit with a map of Kirtipur, walking tours, hiking trails and activity packages.

Find travel information about buses and other transport options to reach Kirtipur from Kathmandu.

A guide to accommodation in Kirtipur, including hotels, the Hillside Resort, guest houses and homestay details.

Discover Kirtipur’s great restaurants, including Newa Lahana and Sasaa, which are known for their authentic Newari food.

Kirtipur is a great place to visit year-round. Plan the best time for your trip with information on weather, festivals and events.