Aadinath Temple

Aadinath Temple

Aadinath Lokeshwar Temple in Chobhar, Kirtipur, is unique thanks to the hundreds of copper vessels covering the walls. There is everything from plates and cups to spice dishes and spoons. The copper pieces are placed in honour of loved ones who have died or by newly married couples wishing for a happy future together.

There are also several unique festivals celebrated at Aadinath Temple throughout the year.

  • The main festival of Aadinath is celebrated in March-April each year. It relates to the legend that Aadinath was found in the Bagmati River and then placed in the temple. The festival takes place on the 8th day of the Nepalese month Chaitra. 
  • A bathing ritual takes place in April (around Nepalese New Year). On this day, people will visit throughout the day to wash in the water from the nearby fountains.
  • In October-November, local devotees make daily early morning pilgrimages for the entire Nepalese month of Kartik between 5:30-7:30am. The last five days of the month are the most important with many worshippers fasting.

Visitor information

Opening hours
All day
Entrance fee
No entrance fee
Several stairs at the entrance
Nearest public toilet
Not available
Restaurants nearby
Suku Chhen Newari, Chia Chautari
Car parking
In front of the temple

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