Angels Homestay

Angels Homestay

The Angel family warmly welcome you to stay in Angel Homestay Kirtipur, which is just 5km from the centre of Kathmandu

We have a family-friendly environment with modern amenities, comfortable beds, views of Kathmandu Valley, free WiFi, and delicious  Newari home cooked meals. You will be able to taste the traditional Newari rice and dhal bhat, tarkari curry, and pickles.

Homestays like Angel Homestay contributes to the conservation of local culture, Kirtipur’s natural heritage, and an authentic local accommodation experience.

Staying at Angel Homestay Nepal

Angel Homestay provides the chance to get to know a destination you probably wouldn’t have explored otherwise, a town or village that has yet to feature on the tourist map. You’ll learn about local customs and traditions from the food, to the daily routines of the people of Kirtipur, and the family-centered activities of Nepali people.

We provide authentic local Newari dishes such as chatamari, bara, samabaje, and many more

You’ll feel like it’s a real home away from home, as we offer a homely atmosphere

You can read a lot about a destination’s cultures and customs before arriving, but the only way to really get to know them is by experiencing them first-hand and we provide you with that experience.


A very warm welcome from Sapendra Maharjan, his wife, son, and mother and father at Angels Homestay. We’re located in Kirtipur, with 5kms from the center of Kathmandu, reached easily by bus or taxi.

We are glad to welcome guests to our home, with four well-appointed double rooms, featuring comfortable beds for guests to sleep in.

We offer you a first-hand, genuine experience of living with a real Nepali family, sharing our knowledge of Nepali culture and Newari heritage.

We look forward to introducing you to your home away from home.

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