Chilancho Stupa

Chilancho Stupa

Built in the Tibetan Buddhist style, Chilancho Stupa’s name means “immortal god on the hill”. It was built during medieval times and is the oldest temple in Kirtipur. The stupa features beautiful brickwork topped by a main dome and there are four smaller domes surrounding it.

Both Hindus and Buddhists worship at this temple with a bell for Hindus and prayer wheels for Buddhist devotees. In addition, Newar priests live around this area and frequent the community building on the western side of Chilancho.

Visitor information

Opening hours
All day
Entrance fee
Included in Kirtipur ticket
Several stairs at the entrance
Nearest public toilet
Visitor Information Center
Restaurants nearby
Ka:shi Cafe & Lounge
Car parking
At Bagh Bhairab Temple

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