Chobhar Gorge

Chobhar Gorge

The Bagmati River flows through the ragged cliffs of Chobhar Gorge in southern Kirtipur. The gorge is thought to have been carved out by Manjushree when he drained the Kathmandu Lake.

Visitors can explore part of the extensive nearby Chobhar Cave by visiting Manjushree Park and taking a guided tour. The cave is more than 1km long and reaches almost to the temple of Aadinath, however it’s not possible to explore the entire length of the cave.

Visitor information

Opening hours
All day
Entrance fee
No entrance fee
Visible from the road
Nearest public toilet
Near Jal Binayak Temple
Restaurants nearby
Several nearby along the road
Car parking
Along the road

Local tip

To get up close to the rushing water, go down the stairs on the left near Jal Binayak Temple.

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