Kirtipur Gai Jatra

Kirtipur Gai Jatra

Visit Kirtipur Gai Jatra to witness all the sounds, colours and fun of the festival.

Gai Jatra is Nepal’s version of Day of the Dead, with people commemorating family members who have died in the last year. Although the festival has a sombre meaning, the rituals have a festive feel as the community comes together to support people who have lost loved ones. Enjoy entertaining battles of good vs evil, dancing and music.

The festival is celebrated in August/September each year by the Newar community in the Kathmandu Valley. In Kirtipur, more than two thirds of the population belong to the Newar ethnic group so it’s the perfect place to celebrate.

Visitors can join the festivities in the hilltop town or in the Panga areas of Kirtipur. Activities begin in the late morning and carry on into the evening.

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