There are several gumba or monasteries/nunneries located around Kirtipur.

The Kirtipur Monastery (also known as the Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies) is a colourful and peaceful place to visit. Early morning guests can experience a traditional ceremony and should take the time to explore the monastery grounds. The gumba is located at the northern end of Kirtipur and is open from 6am to 5pm daily. A number of Buddhist courses and meditation retreats are also held at the Kirtipur Monastery.

The gumba in Chobhar is the Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Tibetan Buddhist Nunnery. It has a commanding position on the hill, overlooking Chobhar Gorge and the Bagmati River.

The Kirtipur Thai Vihar is also home to a monastery.

In Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism are seen as variations of the same religion. This makes for interesting temples and rituals that combine elements from both. Add in the rich Newari culture in Kirtipur for a unique spiritual experience.

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