Newari Food

Newari Food

Kirtipur is well-known for its delicious Newari food and already attracts hundreds of visitors each year to its famous restaurants, Newa Lahana and Sasaa. There are many other great restaurants serving Newari dishes and other specialties for visitors to try.

Top 10 Newari Dishes to Try

  1. Samaye Bhaje – Newari Snack Set: A meal for most people but in Newar culture, it’s an appetiser! The set includes beaten rice, crunchy black soybeans, fried potato, pickles, a boiled egg, and a small lentil pancake and is accompanied by aila.
  2. Chiura – Beaten Rice: This is the Newari staple. Rice is toasted lightly and then flattened resulting in crunchy flakes that resemble oats.
  3. Wo – Lentil Pancke: Also known as bara, this light pancake is made from lentil flour.
  4. Chatamari – Rice Pancake: A rice-flour crepe with various toppings.
  5. Chhoila – Spiced Meat: Meat (usually buff) is spiced and fried.
  6. Aloo tama – Soup: This tangy soup is made from potatoes and bamboo shoots. 
  7. Yomari – Sweets: A rice-flour steamed pastry that’s filled with either black (black sesame and molasses) or white (sweet milk solids and coconut) fillings.
  8. Juju dhau – Yoghurt: Also known as the king’s yoghurt, it originates from Bhaktapur and is served at the end of meals with chiura.
  9. Chhaang – Sour Beer: A brewed rice beer with a milky appearance. It has a sour taste with a hint of spritz and takes the heat out of spicy Newari food.
  10. Aila – Liquor: A distilled spirit made from grains, usually rice. It’s served in ornate jugs and accompanies samay bhaje, as well as being served at feasts and festivals.

Visit one of the many local restaurants to try a variety of Newari and Nepalese dishes.

Local tip

If you’re feeling adventurous, order the sapu mhicha: bone marrow wrapped in intestine and fried until crispy. The combination of the crunchy outer and the delicate bone marrow is incredible.

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