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Explore the best things to do in Kirtipur. Discover nature and outdoor activities, local attractions, cultural experiences, Newari food and festivals to include in your Kathmandu sightseeing.


A pillar is draped in a faded red cloth with Bagh Bhairab Temple in the background

Find the top places to visit in Kirtipur to experience Newari culture, delicious food, unique temples and family fun

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Steep rocky cliffs covered in bushes rise up from the waters of the Bagmati River in Chobhar

Head to Kirtipur to take in stunning views, explore caves or do a day hike to Champa Devi Hill

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A dancer wearing a red mask waves a flag as musicians play flutes and drums behind

Plan your visit around one of the local festivals or annual events and join in with the celebrations, music and dancing

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Perched on hills overlooking the Kathmandu Valley, Kirtipur has a couple of gumba or monasteries/nunneries that are worth a visit.

Uma Maheshwor Temple

Climb the steep stairs to Uma Maheshwor, Kirtipur’s highest temple. Take in the 17th century pagoda along with stunning views of the Kathmandu Valley.

Jal Binayak Temple

The Jal Binayak Temple in Chobhar is on the banks of the Bagmati River in southern Kirtipur and has a sense of faded glory.

Aadinath Temple

Get off-the-beaten-path in Kirtipur and visit Aadinath Temple. The unique temple is covered in copper vessels by couples wishing for a happy life together.

Kirtipur Thai Vihar

The Kirtipur Thai Vihar temple was built in traditional Thai Buddhist style and is the only temple of its kind in the Kathmandu Valley.

Bagh Bhairab Temple

Bagh Bhairab Temple is one of the most famous attractions in Kirtipur. The temple has views of Kathmandu, plenty of charm and Gurkha weapons on display.

Lohan Dega

Lohan Dega or Stone Temple in Kirtipur is an unassuming but beautiful example of a shikhar style temple, tucked away in the backstreets of the hilltop town.

Kirtipur Vipassana Centre

Take part in a 10-day spiritual retreat or other courses at the Dhamma Kirtipur Vipassana Centre and learn the art of meditation.

Newari Culture

Experience authentic Newari culture and architecture while walking through the laneways of Kirtipur or taking part in one of the many traditional festivals.

Whoopee Land

For a day of family fun, head to Whoopee Land Water and Amusement Park in Chobhar, Kirtipur – Kathmandu’s favourite fun park.

Several plates of Newari food with bara, chiura and soup are served in metal plates and bowls | © Teagan Glenane, Australian Volunteers Program

Newari Food

For the best Newari food in Kathmandu, head to Kirtipur. Try chhoila, chhaang, yomari or one of the other delicacies in our Top 10 Newari Foods.

Chilancho Stupa

Discover one of Kathmandu’s best-kept secrets. Chilancho Stupa is a Buddhist temple in the backstreets of Kirtipur and one of the oldest in the area.

Kirtipur Festivals

Plan your visit to Kirtipur around one of the best local festivals or jatra. Experience Nepalese culture through the local celebrations, music and dancing.


Champa Devi Hill

Head up Champa Devi Hill on a day hike near Kathmandu. Take in the views from the third highest mountain in the Kathmandu Valley.


Check out the best views of Kathmandu from one of the viewpoints around Kirtipur. From its elevated position, take in the Kathmandu Valley and Himalayas beyond.

Manjushree Park

Enjoy some green space in Kathmandu with a visit to Manjushree Park in Kirtipur. Wander through the gardens situated next to Chobhar Gorge.

Suspension Bridge

Cross the Kirtipur suspension bridge to neighbouring Chandragiri for views of Kathmandu and to peer down into the narrow gorge below.

Chobhar Gorge

For a unique Kathmandu day trip, watch the Bagmati River pour through the cliffs of Chobhar Gorge or explore one of the caves in nearby Manjushree Park.


Go hiking in the Kathmandu Valley. Hike from Kirtipur to the ‘White House’, climb up Champadevi Hill on a day hike or continue to Chandragiri or Haatiban.

Taudaha Lake

Taudaha Lake in southern Kirtipur is Kathmandu Valley’s only natural lake. Do a spot of bird-watching or go for a romantic stroll around the lake.


Bagh Bhairab Jatra

Experience Bagh Bhairab Jatra, a unique festival that’s celebrated in Kirtipur. Join hundreds of locals for the festivities in August.

Nepali New Year

Mark the Nepali New Year with a hike up Champa Devi Hill. Join hundreds of Nepalis as they worship the goddess, hoping for their wishes to come true.

Kirtipur Gai Jatra

Join Kirtipur’s Gai Jatra festival, Nepal’s version of Day of the Dead, commemorating people who have died in the last year with fun and colourful rituals.

Kirtipur Indrayani Jatra

Immerse yourself in an authentic Nepalese festival in Kathmandu. Kirtipur Indrayani Jatra in November-December is an experience you won’t forget.