Uma Maheshwor Temple

Uma Maheshwor Temple

At the very top of Kirtipur’s hill is Uma Maheshwor. A beautiful pagoda-style temple that was built in the 17th century, it offers spectacular views of Kathmandu from the temple grounds. Visitors walk up a steep stone staircase, flanked by elephant sculptures, and can peer up at the Kama Sutra carvings on the temple beams.

A large bell hangs at the temple however this isn’t the original bell. The king of Bhaktapur loved the sound of the original bell so much, he sent some people to steal it during the night. It was nearing dawn and they had only reached Patan so left the bell in a field before they were caught. That bell is now hanging in Taleju Temple in Patan, while the bell at Uma Maheshwor was donated from the Kathmandu clocktower.

Just outside the temple, there is also a statue that people worship. It’s said that if a childless couple pray to the goddess, they will be blessed with a child.

Although the original temple was built around 1655, it has been repaired several times over the years due to storm and earthquake damage.

Visitor information

Opening hours
All day
Entrance fee
Included in Kirtipur ticket
Difficult to access, many stairs
Nearest public toilet
In front of Newa Lahana restaurant
Restaurants nearby
View Point Restaurant
Car parking
At Bagh Bhairab Temple

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