With an elevated vantage point at 1,414m above sea level, there are spectacular viewpoints all over Kirtipur. Take the time to explore the hilltop town and surrounding areas for some of the best views in Kathmandu.

Hilltop town viewpoints

Within the hilltop town, there are several places to get great views:

  • From Uma Maheshwor and Bagh Bhairab temples, visitors are rewarded with great views of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Adventure-seekers should head to the suspension bridge to look out to Kathmandu and down into the narrow gorge.
  • For a different kind of view and an Instagram-worthy moment, get a picture of the colourful buildings near the main Kirtipur gate (Naya Bazar), including the ‘Red Rectangle’ artwork that covers them.

Surrounding areas

  • Head to Manjushree Park for views of Chobhar Gorge and the hills of the Kathmandu Valley rim, including Champa Devi.
  • With a bit more effort, visitors can look out over Kirtipur and the surrounding area by hiking up to the ‘White House’ or Champa Devi Hill (2,249m above sea level). From these higher elevations, there are spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayas, including Mt Everest on clear days.

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